Micro-trend No. 1: COVID care

Before the pandemic, naturalness and sustainability were the order of the day, unconditionally. These underlying movements are still present, but for some, the primary need for individual safety has taken precedence.

Faced with an environment perceived as worrying, with contacts deemed infectious, new reflexes and (barrier) gestures have developed. Our relationship with the world, ourselves and others is being reinvented, and this way of life looks to be here for the long-term, at least until a vast majority of the French population has been vaccinated[i].

We are therefore witnessing the ‘Covid-Care’ era, with high demand for disinfection, in which even fragrance brands are launching hand sanitizer gels pleasantly scented with oud, bergamot, etc.

The widespread return of hygiene has led to the emergence of consistently effective and ecological solutions in the organic sector, to provide reassurance and convey values and lifestyles.

Proof in products:

  • 100% plant-based hand disinfectant by Sonett
  • 4-in-1 disinfectant spray, eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses with virucidal, bactericidal, yeasticidal and fungicidal action, by Mutyne
  • Colloidal silver spray, an external and powerful antimicrobial which eliminates over 650 species of microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, moulds and fungi, by Vibraforce Laboratoire
Désinfectant main 100% végétal, par Sonett  Spray désinfectant 4-en-1, élimine 99,99 % des bactéries et virus enveloppés avec une action virucide, bactéricide, levuricide, fongicide, par Mutyne Argent colloïdal spray, 'antimicrobien externe et puissant, il élimine plus de 650 espèces de microbes, virus, bactéries, parasites, moisissures, champignons, par Vibraforce 


Le Covid Care ou le retour d’un hygiénisme massif


Micro-trend No. 2: My immunity first

The obsession with being healthy is a groundswell which has intensified with the pandemic. The quest for good health has joined up with the search for immunity, as it has become the best natural defence, a sort of complementary protection to barrier gestures.

While boosting immunity is always a promise inherent in food supplements, it is now redefining food and gastronomic products. 

Proof in products:

  • Immunité, a food supplement that boosts the body’s resistance, as well as the airways, by Nature SAS
  • Apivital syrup to boost the immune system, by Vibraforce Laboratoire
  • Turmeric almond milk combining the virtues of turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and immune support with the sweetness of almond milk, by La Mandorle
  • Black garlic caviar, a gastronomic product that stimulates the immune system and prevents cell ageing, by Iswari-Samadhi 


Micro-trend No. 3: The strength of my microbiota

Consumers now have better understanding of the concept of gut microbiota and are taking it into account, especially since a scientific link with individual immunity was established. The trend for products with microbiotic valence has continued its rise, moving ahead of lactic ferments in yoghurt and enriching sparkling drinks, juices, smoothies and even nutrition bars.

Good bacteria, i.e. pre-, pro- and post-biotics, have become real partners to strengthen the microbiota.

Proof in products:

  • Olibar, the olive bar that provides polyphenols and plant proteins and helps to balance the microbiome, by Ecoprolive
  • Pur’Biotic, first organic sparkling juice combining raw Aloe Vera and ferments, boosts gut microbiota, by Ciel d’Azur Labs
  • Tomato and Celery Stock, a healthy drink (reduced salt, cleansing, maintains the microbiota), by Cossu
  • Sheep milk kefir, rich in micro-organisms that are beneficial for digestion and for boosting the immune system, by Gaborit
  • Nutritional Matcha Smoothie which helps boost immunity and improves digestion thanks to probiotics, by Health Link


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[i] Study by Institut Pasteur, Santé publique France and Haute autorité de Santé, April 2021